It comes with great sadness and regret to announce that after over eight years Lagoon is no more. I have made the difficult decision to exit stage left–as Buddha said “everything ends”. I wish there was more to tell. We part ways as close friends and remain so. My heartfelt thank you to our friends, family and fans who came out to support us at our shows and to purchase our music. I would also like to thank Woodie, Jacob, Marisa and Patrick for a lifetime of unforgettable memories… it’s been an amazing journey and I am sad this is the end; however, with one chapter closed so another begins. Shade and sweet water –Davidfarewell-seafoam

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Lagoon Update: BOO! Get Down!


So, I know it’s been a while- some might say a long time. And it’s true… Sorry.

So what’s been going on?

We had a couple of shows… and if you missed it too bad… AHAHAH. It was great to play at the Middle East and the Cantab again.
On a completely unrelated side note:

My mom called me the other day (she does this frequently) and she asked how the show at the Cantab went. I said it went fine, Marisa (our drummer, nurrrr) played really well, we had a lot of fun, yada yada yada – essentially the exact same conversation I’ve had with my mom about every concert I’ve ever played.


Except… One thing… my mom made a comment about the name “ohhhh, Cantab that’s so clever.” I just nervously responded… Oh ya.. it’s so clever… At the time I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, or what the name Cantab could possibly be about.


Nope… not Can’t Ab.






Ok, Really. So what’s been going on?

You might wonder why we have been so quiet? It’s not really anything fun like Pat got cancer and died. It’s more regular run-of-the-mill stuff like pat ran away to Taiwan, or Tahiti, or Thailand (it’s something that starts with a T).
I wish I was joking, but he’s gone.
We considered calling the police until we saw he was still updating his facebook with pictures: 



Then we realized that everything is normal, and that’s just Pat being Pat.



So, we have decided to take some time off- You know Lagoon, we never take time off *cough*- Until pat comes back. We THINK he’ll be popping through our door in a couple of weeks.

Then we are going to gear right up with another online concert! YAY INTERNETS!

Check this Ish Out!


Our friend and all around Stud , Gustave Cadet, set up a really awesome site featuring some amazing artists in all forms- an aggregate collection of interesting works.

I recommend you check it out. Now. No seriously. Right now. It’s a great way to lose some time!

Insert (inspiration)

If you don’t, you’re just another ne’er-do-well



What I have been concerning myself with over these last couple months – so here you go – all compiled in a neat little list.

1. I am ecstatic that the Cardinals finally got a QB that isn’t Matt Leinhart. I might actually consider picking up Fitzy on my fantasy team. YES FANTASY IS CLOSE.
2. I just noticed that they finally raised the debt ceiling – politics aside – WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG
3. I read somewhere that they have been making headway in the treatment of Down ’s syndrome. That’s right, the TREATMENT. I thought that was amazing, and proof we are almost exactly like mice.
4. 3 of my orchids are blooming, and I couldn’t be happier. I would have made this #3 but seeing 3. 3 next to each other was really confusing, and I hate typing out the world three. DAMINT. DAAA MINT.
5. I just heard that Red Wine can prevent sunburn… This is not a joke, and explains why my girlfriend heals so quickly from being a lobster.
6. Marisa and I won the B league softball Bronze level championship. I have the mug to prove it.
7. From what I can gather, David is still president and CEO of awesome- but polls show that Ron Perlman is gaining steadily in popularity.
8. Pat really is not in the US, while he is gone I’ve been storing cat feces in his room and the smell has actually IMPROVED.
9. I’ve been collecting cat feces.

Damn It Cohagen






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Lagoon Update: Cheeseburger, Internet Show, The Middle East, Geography



A new approach

Hi friends, it’s good to see you. Happy they finally let you out.

Time to make love to the Internet

No, I did not say “ON” the internet, so your hopes of seeing some sort of Lagoon incestual dance is not going to happen. And seriously, get checked out. You’re sick.
We have decided that we are going to start streaming live concerts from our Studio in Boston MA (want to know more about the studio? Go here )
WHY you might ask? A few reasons…
1. Because we can- the technology is there, and we found a way to get GREAT live sound (it’s a secret) – Also Ustream allows us to do this for free with multiple camera angles.
2. Everyone can join us – literally everyone
3. We hope to expand this show to more acts, have other local artists
Pretty cool eh?
Let’s go over some details.
This show is going to be Friday May 27th at 9pm EST broadcasting LIVE from Lagoon’s Tornado Shelter in Boston MA on our Ustream Site (There’s not much up there now except a test – and someone was a little out of tune)
We will also probably be drinking… Wait… Not probably… We will also be drinking, so this is going to be an overall fun time.
I’ll update you all closer to the show, and David is going to be designing a stellar poster.

Time to make love to the Middle East


Not sure how you want to interpret that headline, but… The Middle East  is an awesome club in Cambridge. We love playing there.
We figured since we’re doing an internet show we should ALSO do a live show. We don’t want you to think we are going soft.
Here are some tentative details (the date is set in stone):
Where: The Middle East  in Cambridge
When: Thursday June 30th
Why: Because it’s been too damn long.
This will be our first concert since our 3rd album released…. Wait… You did know our third album came out right? Well if you didn’t, please go buy it. I am not going to fluff around, it’s the only reason why we exist on this earth (link/picture goes to itunes, but it’s on every other site imaginable just search Lagoon Gemini).

We hope to see you there, and… Again… We’ll update you with the full list of bands, and a sweet ass poster soon.

Why do some states hate us?

We, as a band, love to track our site statistics. We have had enormous success with our homepage in hits, downloads (our first two albums and previews of our third are free), and even the blog… this blog… the exact same one you are reading.
However, recently we have noticed a disturbing trend.
Certain states just don’t like our website ( I had to reference a map since I’m Stoopid):
South Dakota
New Mexico
North Carolina
Some of these states I can fully understand- like Delaware which is not really a state

Also Kansas – cows can’t type- Arkansas for the same reason.

The one that really bothers me… Nevada!? Really? C’mon… We’ve played shows there; we’ve gambled and hooked there. Just bothers me.
Half of Indonesia has clicked on our website, but we can’t even get all of America. I feel like a failure. Know of anyone who lives in these crapholes? Get them to click on our site, and I wont call their home a craphole.

Old Picture – New Fun

My sister, Marisa (the damn drummer in this band), went back to our hometown last week and scanned a whole bunch of old photos. Nothing good can come of this.
Let me present to you my ~10 year old self:

Maybe it’s just me… But I did not reminisce when I saw this. I did not question where I was, or who took the picture. I did not even comment on my impressive watch…

The only think I could think of was….
The internet has changed me.


For those of you who don’t know, and if you don’t know this shit by now it’s really a shame, @Davidtornado our lead singer is also the mastermind behind all the designs on our website, posters, tee-shirts… everything except Pat’s wardrobe.
The band has been together since 2003, that’s 8 years of shows, that’s a shit ton of posters.
So we decided to dig some old ones up, and feature them on the blog and the facebook (full gallery in the facebook)







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Lagoon – Gemini has Landed! Apollo Program Announced!





Can you believe it? No, honestly, can you?

It has been exactly two years since we broke ground (and wind) on our third album, and now it is DONE. Phew!

Clicking on the picture above goes directly to itunes, but you might prefer any of the following:


 Ahahah, our music is on Zune. Sorry… We really are pulling out all the stops.
This was an endeavor to say the least, we are so happy to have it done, and so excited to get it to you.
Right now this is only a digital release, so make sure to pick up a copy of the liner notes off our website – for free of course – what kind of asses would charge for liner notes- that’s like sitting down to a fancy dinner and having to buy a napkin.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

(click picture for an awesome @davidtornado designed .pdf )

Please let us know what you think, let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you want to see more of.


That’s the good news….
What about the great news?!?


No I don’t have a goiter… And that is not great…. What the F is wrong with you?

The great news is that we have already lined up album #4 which we will start recording in August – So all your feedback we’re going to use to tailor this album, hone it in, draw our sites, hit our mark, nail it on the head… You get it.
Also, if you were wondering, we are not going to call the new album Apollo- Nothing against the lord of the sun (dont want to anger him).


Some of you might wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. It’s pretty simple: I wanted to make sure I addressed you when I had something substantial, something meaningful.
It’s hard sometimes – the life we have chosen. It has such incredible peaks followed by the lowest of lows (read over the past blogs on this site and you can see for yourself). However, every time we’ve felt we were on the brink, about the lose it all, something comes along and pushes us forward… has to be something to that?
Thank you to all our fans that have made this worth it. I hope you know that all our work goes to you, we just want to make you happy, and blast your ear drums with glory.



On a completely unrelated note, my March Madness Bracket is so F’ed. Even without playing tonight’s championship game, David has claimed victory:






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Gemini Art SneaLLLLLL preview


Lagoon is getting ready to release our 3rd self-released album. Here’s a sneak preview of the art. The name of the album is Gemini.
The concept is duality of self.
Here I have depicted a midnight meeting of a hare and a fox, each representing contrasting aspects of human nature. The black bars across the animals eyes is meant to convey a couple of things. First, traditionally this is a method of concealing ones identity, even though clearly we can see that the fox ix a fox and the hare is a hare. (So, no matter how we disguise our true selves, others can still see who we are) Secondly, it implies that both the fox and the hare cannot see each other. (This is a bit more esoteric, but basically, this could be interpreted as either acceptance or denial, i.e. looking past our collective flaws.)
Much aligned with many of the lyrics of the record, the art is a visual narrative of the struggle between what we are, how we see ourselves, how others see us and how we think others see us.

Iphone wallpaper, and Desktop wallpaper versions of this graphic are available on our homepage at : Lagoon



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Lagoonie In Love – A Gustave Cadet Production



Hi Friends, before I spill the beans on the huge plans that Lagoon has coming up and blow your mind, I decided to ease into it by giving you a peak at what Gustave Cadet, the rewowned producer/director, has been up to.

He created a series of mini documentaries on Love, and asked me and my Girlfriend to do it. Check it out!


Now, wipe those tears from your eyes, and be excited… The beginning of Lagoon’s new journey is very close.
Gustave is going to be releasing more mini-documentaries and awesome stuff on his Youtube page – check it out!



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New baby! (pics) Seafoam’s designer Jessica Frease welcomes her own little Monster


Jessica Frease and her husband Ryan, our good friends, incredible designers and genius behind our Seafoam Mascot have been blessed with a gorgeous baby girl.
Please welcome, Vivian Poppy Frease.
Vivian was born January 15th, weighing 7lbs 2oz. She has also already designed at least three print ads at the ripe old age of 2 (days). There is, without a doubt, that this will be one of the most artistically talented humans that has ever been forged in a baby oven.
Jessica has been one of Lagoon’s greatest supporters, providing her wonderful artistic talents for some of our posters and creating our long time Mascot Seafoam. Please take a moment and check out her Website.





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I’m having a baby!


I'm Expecting!

It would seem I am the last of a dying breed as I have yet to procreate.

But I have good news! I am expecting! I… am… GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

But seriously…

Those of you close to me know I have been laboring on building a recording studio/rehearsal space in my basement–it has been one hell of a project… for all intensive purposes, it is my baby. So I have decided that it wouldn’t be completely inappropriate to hold a shower for the little romper-stomper. [Note to God and/or Gods: please don't interpret this to mean I wish for a pipe to freeze and to have the studio literally showered upon. More information can be had at Wikipedia for what a Baby Shower is.]

Originally I had planned to create a Kickstarter page, but they rejected my proposal because “we don’t understand what you need funds for.” I tried to explain that my end-product was digital… you know, because PEOPLE AREN’T BUYING CD’S. But, that I need the STUFF to make the MUSICS. Anyway, it’s hard to qualify why one would need leather club chairs and/or a platinum mini-fridge. Or vintage Edison light bulbs. But, man… I promise somehow it is completely necessary to the creative process.

As the weeks draw on I will be completing final touches on the space, and there are some things that would really, really make this studio bitchin’.

If you have the means, or know someone who has the means, please feel free to forward this Amazon baby registry link. And there are price points for every budget! But mostly, super wealthy budgets. That’s what sucks about being a musician… we don’t make any money yet all of our gear is ridiculously expensive. It’s a racket I tell ya!

Also, if you know anyone with a Roland TD-20 kit–and they would like to donate it let me know.

Oh! I almost forgot, the baby’s name is Tornado Shelter. Most likely in a few weeks there will be bloggage and many, many photos of the process as I have been documenting the progress since Summer. But you will have to wait, because only family gets to see the baby first.








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Lagoon Update: HOLIDAYS, Floating one in!


Happy Holidays!

Holy sh*t it’s almost Christmas again. Chanukah was balls early this year. Kwanza is sometime around now-ish?

Ok ok, I’m losing focus!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US AT LAGOON (in lagoon? On lagoon? Upon Lagoon!!??! I hate prepositions or whatever those words are in out under within now)


Our winter “siesta” is almost over; Lagoon’s batteries are nearly charged. We are all going a little insane because we haven’t played a show in over a month! Good lord.
So… Here’s a brief rundown of what’s to come and what we have been diligently working on.
*Hang on one second Lammergeiger check our schedule*

1. New Album
2. New Studio – interweb streaming show to come
3. Live Shows– (including album release show date to be announced soon)
4. New Breasts – David is getting implants
We are trying to make 2011 the year of Lagoon. Just like we made 2010 the year of Lagoon, and every year before that since 2003.
I need to get a quick snack before I continue.

Ok I’m back.

*brushes off crumbs*



In just over one week’s time I will be gliding down the road in Pasadena on the Trader Joe’s float in the Rose Parade. I was invited, so don’t think I’m just crashing the party. If you happen to catch the parade, I will be the guy with a 70’s mustache. I figured… Hey… I’ll be on TV in front of millions of people… might as well look as ridiculous as possible right?
I’m actually a little nervous… It’s the day after new years. I’ll be in LA the night before partying it up. I am probably going to be hungover or still drunk. I really don’t want to be the guy that gets run over by a float, but I could see that happening.
ALSO, I am very excited that Paula Deen is going to be the grand marshal of the parade this year. I really want to meet her. I’m going to keep butter in my pocket in hopes she’ll be drawn to me. I know that works at dog shows with sweetmeats.



I know this was brief, arguably a little too brief. So here is a lamb chair to cheer you up.

Until next time, come find us here on these sites that provide information about us and with you to look at for now we have friends here!





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T is of Testes (off topic and needlessly descriptive)


Not really a band update, but I figured I would share this with you.
Without fail, I severely burn myself every 3 to 4 years. In highschool, it was an iron to the upper arm. In college, it was a flaming marshmallow to the nose. And most recently it was an extremely hot cup of tea on my testicles.
Granted, the mark this burn left on me was far more emotional than physical. I could say that, other than a few red spots, small blisters and missing hair, I am 100% ok.
I had just sat down on the couch to watch some football. The Colts were losing to the eagles, and I was enjoying a little facebook surfing. My girlfriend had picked up a new variety of tea, something that boasted SUPER antioxidant power so I thought I would try it. I always imagine antioxidants as cancer police in my blood, roaming around chomping free radicals. The extent of my scientific knowledge on the subject ends there.
The tea pot whistled. I got my favorite mug. I poured some water. Plopped in the tea bag and set it on the somewhat stable couch arm… It happened exactly how you are now picturing it. I sat down, brushed the glass with my elbow, and in slow motion watched it slip down the arm of the couch dumping the complete contents on my lightly clothed pasty white inner thigh.
The involuntary reaction was spectacular. My laptop went flying. I let out a very high pitched yelp, and then pulled my pants down. My brain at this point ceased to grasp the situation. My pants lay in a steaming pile beneath me, but instead of, well… covering myself up, I simply stood there assessing the damage.
Like a curious and shocked rodent with an injured limb, I inspected for any serious problems and checked functionality. Not at all realizing that I was, in fact, completely naked from the waste down staring at my own now turtling genitals in front of three very large unfiltered windows two stories above what could only be described as a busy city street.
My second embarrassment followed when, in a panic, I pulled my pants back up to find that they were nearly as hot as they were 30 seconds before (damn you water and your high specific heat!). So I pulled them back down, and finally wandered into my room wearing only my gym shoes, no pants, and a waist long white undershirt.
Had you been walking below my apartment at ~ 7:23pm November 7th 2010 you would have seen the following sequence of events.
1. A man jumps up from his couch throwing his laptop 3 feet into the air
2. Said man turns towards 3 large windows and pulls down his pants
3. Man continues to stand there staring and moving his genitals around in such a away that he could be described as looking “inquisitive”
4. Man pulls pants back up
5. Man throws pants back down.
6. Man turns around and walks slowly into his room
7. Man returns a few seconds later with a bag of frozen broccoli
8. Man puts broccoli on his crotch.

Broccoli, is there anything you cant do?





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