Hi Kids!

New Lagoon Music!

4 Tracks from Lagoon’s third coming full length are now being released on a limited edition USB 2.0 flash drive. Each 64Mb drive comes with new 4 Lagoon songs, a .pdf with full liner notes, lyrics and lots of band photos! We only have a limited amount and only one song will be available on iTunes until the record comes out. Buy yours now safely and securely through paypal–and no you don’t need a paypal account. Each USB EP is only $10 + $3 for shipping and handling. (International customers please email us for Int’l shipping rates band [at] lagoononline [dot] com).

Also, please visit our website for new press, reviews and our wikipedia entry. (Check the press section.)

Also, thanks to our Tucson fans we had a great visit and hope to make a trip back after we all recover from the swine flu. I’m sure Jake will have a more elaborate blog about his adventures soon…



PS Stayed tuned as our single “Heater Rabbit” will be released on iTunes soon!

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hello BBC


Hi all,

David here. Looks like Lagoon will be played on BBC’s programme “fresh on the Net” tonight. Now, if we could only persuade these Yanks to do the same. Why is it we are only understood across the Atlantic? Is it because of my weird accent? Is it because I love Fish and Chips? My penchant for crossdressing? Anyway… more info here:

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music

In the meantime, I am sequestered in the studio readying for recording some piano. Or as Morrissey would say, “Peee-An-Oooo”.

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why is our new record taking so long?


ohhhhhh. I see.

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