It comes with great sadness and regret to announce that after over eight years Lagoon is no more. I have made the difficult decision to exit stage left–as Buddha said “everything ends”. I wish there was more to tell. We part ways as close friends and remain so. My heartfelt thank you to our friends, family and fans who came out to support us at our shows and to purchase our music. I would also like to thank Woodie, Jacob, Marisa and Patrick for a lifetime of unforgettable memories… it’s been an amazing journey and I am sad this is the end; however, with one chapter closed so another begins. Shade and sweet water –Davidfarewell-seafoam

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Gemini Art SneaLLLLLL preview


Lagoon is getting ready to release our 3rd self-released album. Here’s a sneak preview of the art. The name of the album is Gemini.
The concept is duality of self.
Here I have depicted a midnight meeting of a hare and a fox, each representing contrasting aspects of human nature. The black bars across the animals eyes is meant to convey a couple of things. First, traditionally this is a method of concealing ones identity, even though clearly we can see that the fox ix a fox and the hare is a hare. (So, no matter how we disguise our true selves, others can still see who we are) Secondly, it implies that both the fox and the hare cannot see each other. (This is a bit more esoteric, but basically, this could be interpreted as either acceptance or denial, i.e. looking past our collective flaws.)
Much aligned with many of the lyrics of the record, the art is a visual narrative of the struggle between what we are, how we see ourselves, how others see us and how we think others see us.

Iphone wallpaper, and Desktop wallpaper versions of this graphic are available on our homepage at : Lagoon



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I’m having a baby!


I'm Expecting!

It would seem I am the last of a dying breed as I have yet to procreate.

But I have good news! I am expecting! I… am… GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

But seriously…

Those of you close to me know I have been laboring on building a recording studio/rehearsal space in my basement–it has been one hell of a project… for all intensive purposes, it is my baby. So I have decided that it wouldn’t be completely inappropriate to hold a shower for the little romper-stomper. [Note to God and/or Gods: please don't interpret this to mean I wish for a pipe to freeze and to have the studio literally showered upon. More information can be had at Wikipedia for what a Baby Shower is.]

Originally I had planned to create a Kickstarter page, but they rejected my proposal because “we don’t understand what you need funds for.” I tried to explain that my end-product was digital… you know, because PEOPLE AREN’T BUYING CD’S. But, that I need the STUFF to make the MUSICS. Anyway, it’s hard to qualify why one would need leather club chairs and/or a platinum mini-fridge. Or vintage Edison light bulbs. But, man… I promise somehow it is completely necessary to the creative process.

As the weeks draw on I will be completing final touches on the space, and there are some things that would really, really make this studio bitchin’.

If you have the means, or know someone who has the means, please feel free to forward this Amazon baby registry link. And there are price points for every budget! But mostly, super wealthy budgets. That’s what sucks about being a musician… we don’t make any money yet all of our gear is ridiculously expensive. It’s a racket I tell ya!

Also, if you know anyone with a Roland TD-20 kit–and they would like to donate it let me know.

Oh! I almost forgot, the baby’s name is Tornado Shelter. Most likely in a few weeks there will be bloggage and many, many photos of the process as I have been documenting the progress since Summer. But you will have to wait, because only family gets to see the baby first.








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By the time I get to Arizona


Back in 2006/2007 when Lagoon was recording our second album I wrote a song called Minutemen which was basically a response to the ridiculousness of Arizonans “patriotically” protecting our Southern border from “terrorists”. (Despite all of the 9/11 terrorists quietly tip-toed through our border way to the North.)

I actually think this song is as timely now as it was then…


turn around this time this time turn
around this time its time to remind you
want your price of mind you try to divide
you try to divide your logic hides behind
you will not resign but i want to remind
your flag of barbed-wire words falls
backwords in time, you try to rewind turn
around this time this time turn around
this time its time to remind this moments
burning bright we will not go blind
telecast your divide your dollar paid this
dime so let me remind someone made
this design your motives speak in rhyme
with the worst of the minds cross the
water hear the rhythm sounds and I have
just begun turn around this time this time
turn around this time its time to remind
your logic hides behind the worst of the
kind the worst human kind your dollar
paid this “crime” each time you’re in line
eachtime you’re in line your motives speak
in rhyme with the wretched of times, the
worst human kind

download for free here

If no one was hiring illegals to avoid employment laws/employment tax/minimum wage, illegals would stop coming to this country for work. If Americans were filling the jobs in the orchards and as day laborers there would be no jobs left for illegals. It’s really that simple.

“can I see your papers please?” is not only unamerican, it’s damn near fascist.

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Happy Valentines Day from Lagoon!



Hello. David here.

As if we didn’t give enough praise to jF, here is another Seafoam for you. Please use responsibly.

This time Seafoam is on the prowl, hooking up the following (in no particular order): cougars with delicious young prey, peanut butter with jelly, Ernie with Bert, genitals with genitals, gin with tonic, sadists with masochists, lonely business men with alley ways and tea party members with low hanging sweaty nut sacks.

So put on your running shoes and we hope they’re tied on tight! HAPPY VALENTINES HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINES HAPPY VALENTINES DaaaaAAAAAy!

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Ho! Ho! H…. Chomp! Chomp!


And you thought Santa Seafoam wasn’t coming! The big question is, have you been naughty? Or Nice? Either way Seafoam will probably just eat you.

As always, thanks to jF.santa_seafoam

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Lagoon would just like to give a shout out to our friends and fans celebrating Chanukah. Seafoam says, “Shalom!”
Check out the art section and add Seafoam to your iPhone.


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Seafoam says: Gobble.

Seafoam says "eat more Tofurkey!"

Seafoam says "eat more Tofurkey!"

New Seafoam! This time our little mascot is hungry and waiting for tofurkey. That’s right Seafoam is a vegetarian. Learn more about how to adopt a turkey (instead of roasting one) here.



PS I adopted “Bubbles”

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Hi Kids!

New Lagoon Music!

4 Tracks from Lagoon’s third coming full length are now being released on a limited edition USB 2.0 flash drive. Each 64Mb drive comes with new 4 Lagoon songs, a .pdf with full liner notes, lyrics and lots of band photos! We only have a limited amount and only one song will be available on iTunes until the record comes out. Buy yours now safely and securely through paypal–and no you don’t need a paypal account. Each USB EP is only $10 + $3 for shipping and handling. (International customers please email us for Int’l shipping rates band [at] lagoononline [dot] com).

Also, please visit our website lagoononline.com for new press, reviews and our wikipedia entry. (Check the press section.)

Also, thanks to our Tucson fans we had a great visit and hope to make a trip back after we all recover from the swine flu. I’m sure Jake will have a more elaborate blog about his adventures soon…



PS Stayed tuned as our single “Heater Rabbit” will be released on iTunes soon!

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open call to writers


Hi Everyone,

As you know Jake and I are fairly prolific writers; however, we have a project that we ourselves cannot tend to. This endeavor would be a wikipedia article about Lagoon. Obviously we could write this thing, but self-wiki entries are apparently frowned upon.

If you are interested please feel free to begin an entry. Sources must be from published articles which you can find here. Please cite references.

Entries must be crafted in “wiki style” meaning no embellishments or biased descriptions of our music, i.e. “Lagoon is the best fucking band ever!” will not work.

Basic facts (given directly from us) is allowable, like we live in Boston and we smell like cookies. Wellmaybe not the cookies thing.

You can find information about us here.

Please email me at davidtornado [at] gmail [dot] com for questions you may have.

Thanks for helping out Lagoon!



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