Lagoon Update: A bigger office, crazy whales, we love you



Well apparently not, lots of people got pissed at me for trying to move the blog to our new website (which is not up yet, will be soon at: So, just to make you guys happy, I am going to write here AND the new site…. jeezus. Well… lets start in the usual fashion with a ridiculous video shall we?

that’s actually not funny at all. haha…. oh ya it is.

I have to share with you (not for the weak)

I don’t know about you, but i believe that good dental hygiene is the foundation to all of life’s endeavors. I am OCD. I brush 3 times a day. I floss and I even… well.. brush my tongue. This is an interesting thing for me, since brushing the back of my tongue has brought me to the point of almost vomiting on numerous occasions. I knew that one day it would happen; I would explode.

When I reached back i felt my previously chewed and half digested quesadilla climb its way out of my throat, i frowned around my toothbrush. I had fiddled around with one of my most sacred of involuntary responses for far too long without consequence. Now, I know what you are thinking “holy shit gross,” and it was. It was seriously gross. It smelled horrible. However, the most perplexing thing about this was the realization that nothing in the sink could actually fit down the drain. Part of me wanted to leave the bathroom and pretend i was never in it, only to have one of my sleepy and half awake bandmates discover my stomach contents in the morning.  Alas, i am not that mean so I spent the next few minutes shoveling cheese and tortilla parts from the sink to the toilet. Luckily my drive heaves were unfounded. I was empty. I hate you tongue.

Show Review / Radio Interview

So the show at alchemist went really well! thanks to everyone who came out. All the screams/drinks/hugs/cookies were really appreciated. I am still hungover and it’s been a couple days…. jeezus.

Radio interview! So we have been invited to drive down to Brockton Mass, and do a radio interview for the Locals Only show on We are going to be on TOMoRrOW nighT (april 26th) at 7pm to appx 9pm… that’s right… you get to hear us talk for a LONG time. haha.

Creatures that I sometimes look like

(Twitter fan submitted)


I am sure you’ve already seen the video butttttttttt, just in case you wanted to see it again or you were lonely, or maybe you wanted to admire the large whale penis in the opening graphic… or did you not notice.

Make sure you watch this in HD by pressing the “HD” button (makes the audio better too)


So, i am hoping that you guys enjoyed that video, and enjoyed the message behind it. This is only the first in a series of videos that are going to be coming out until the next record release. You can download an .mp3 of that song here:

Current State of Affairs

So, the other day i felt like i fell into a weird dimension. Some lady at the bank appeared to pay for her services in candy bars… i saw her hand the confections under the bullet proof glass the waiting teller. The teller then accepted them, thanked the lady, and gave her a receipt.. a receipt for candy bars? Can i deposit chocolate? what the hell was going on here.

This is what i want; the glorious days of the BARTER system. Screw money. If you had a service worthwhile you got to provide, help the community, and you got all the sweet whittled and hand sewn goods from the good townsfolk. By this logic, i would assume doctors would be one of the most renowned, then maybe craftsmen, hardworking lads. Then i think…well the real question is: what about these investment bankers, and stock traders that amass hordes of money on faulty loans. Oh… you have no service to offer me in my moneyless world, please go burn Madoff.

In a real economic analysis, money is considered the “lubricant” for all financial activities. However, if you take into account the increased efficiency with the flow of information because of the internet and devices such as twitter, could the barter system work again?

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