Video Blog! Site Update, Movie Awards, Nazis


hi… HI!

So, i wanted to try something new and do my random update blog in video form. It was a little strange, especially since i cant really go back and edit it as easily as typing.. oh well… here it goes!

Also, i know i am going to get a lot of shit for not liking twilight, but seriously, i thought that movie was awful. I am SURE that MTV just put Slumdog Millionaire as a nominee just so they wouldnt look like soulless bastards. I am sure the twilight books are better… am i going to read them? no. Why? because twilight vampires have NO weaknesses. Seriously… they glow in the sun? You’re telling me that they are simply G-ds on earth? i dont buy it. Also… True Blood is awesome. Watch it if you havent.

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