Lagoon Update: Whiskey Contest Results (video), Strange Strange Pictures


Hi friends!


So after a nice spurt of shows to keep up our performing acumen, and about 200 too many whiskeys , we are taking another brief hiatus to finish the third album. Things are cruising, and after the success of our 4 song USB, we are even MORE excited to get you new material. (We still have some USBs left if you want one:

UPDATE: Our new single, Heater Rabbit, should be out very soon. We have had some delays getting it to (which does our digital distribution) but it will be up on itunes shortly…

Oh and also, the content for the rest of this blog might offend some readers… I tend to do that often… I mean, I offend everyone at least once in my life. Like today I told a friend I was going to take a dump in her mail slot. I said MAIL SLOT. Jeez.

Speaking of Whiskey

For those of you who follow us on twitter, and facebook, you will certainly know that before our last concert we decided to do a Whiskey Drinking Contest between David (@davditornado) and Marisa (@lagoonmarisa)… This proved to be an interesting problem for a few reasons

1.) we all participated in the drinking

2.) we had a show that same night which turned into a sloppy mush fest by the end

3.) Marisa cannot hold her liquor.

Now, we wanted to leave it up to our listeners, readers, Lagoony fans to decide who won the contest. Therefore, we bring you this video.

Who do you think won?!?!?!?

Ok, On to Some Fun

Just because it is an amazing photo, and I believe all the world should see this again-and-again I bring you this:


Now, I know what you are thinking… Where in the world do I get boots that awesome!!!!  But no… honestly… I have happened across a number of photos that beg the question “What is going on here.” This leads me to my next segment….

What the hell is going on here!?!



At first glance the line of beautiful women might entrance you… then you happen across gigantic plushy vegetables? Uh… what the hell is going on here? And this appears to be in front of a number of extremely high-end stores…



Now, I am all for a knitted suit. In fact, I have three or four knitted suits, which I wear weekly. But a knitted suit with a sewn on penis? That’s new to me. What purpose does this penis server? Is it there for aesthetic purposes or… perhaps is there another meaning? What the hell is going on here?



This is an interesting product. This is obviously an ad for… well… what? Something that smashes your face into that scary pig nose face you made at your mom when you were a kid. I have no idea… What the hell is going on here? But… anyone of you who can translate the price of these goods mind telling me? I might want to pick one up… or four.



This speaks for itself… Well the testicles speak for themselves… this is the best costume ever.

Until next time, here is pat (@lagoonpmac) playing an extended mandolin song with a close-up of his face. Enjoy…

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Seafoam says: Gobble.

Seafoam says "eat more Tofurkey!"

Seafoam says "eat more Tofurkey!"

New Seafoam! This time our little mascot is hungry and waiting for tofurkey. That’s right Seafoam is a vegetarian. Learn more about how to adopt a turkey (instead of roasting one) here.



PS I adopted “Bubbles”

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Lagoon Update: Not for the Squeamish, New Music, Love Down Under


Before I start this blog I want to issue a little warning. I know most of you understand that I rarely, if ever, “pull punches” in regards to what I write. I consider myself an open book, literally. However, one of the events that transpired during my trip home could quite possibly soil the image you have of me, especially for those of you who might find me attractive. So, please consider yourself duly warned, and enjoy.


8 flights of horrible stairs

            As I waited for the elevator, I recounted how embarrassed I was that I attempted to check into my hotel room at the “Gay and Lesbian Convention Registration Desk.” How was I so oblivious to my surroundings? Was it fatigue, or jet-lag, or just plain ignorance? The portly cross-dressed female that fielded my strange request for a room key politely pointed me in the right direction. And as I turned around to see a multitude of smiles beaming from these “spirited” individuals I hung my head in shame and headed to the actual lobby.
            The hotel was packed, I mean PACKED. Hence why my initial trip up to my room took at least 20 minutes. The elevator was being bounced around to each floor as friends visited other friends to partake in a friendly welcome to this year’s convention festivities. Again, my trip back down to my car took almost half an hour, and as I sat packed in my metal cage, pressed up against the wall by meaty bodies, I swore that I would take the stairs once I got my other bags.
            I struggled up the walkway from my car to the sliding glass doors. The wheels of my suitcase were sticking, my shoulders aching from carrying my guitar, and my eyes were now just little slits. By the time I got to the smooth marble floor I was already out of breath and drenched in a light spray of sweat. A large man festooned in sequined feathers on his cell phone would be the last little bit of motivation I needed to avoid that cursed elevator and walk my bags to my room.
            It took a few moments to spot the small-unmarked stairwell door. I lugged my bags, twisting and turning, then sat for a moment staring off into the endless stream of concrete steps. “8th floor…. It had to be the 8th floor,” I said calmly to myself. I positioned myself as best as I could, and with a deep breath I placed my right foot up on the first step and bore my entire weight. Then the unthinkable happened.
            In this delightful moment of strain, my body had decided to release itself. I sharted. For those who do not understand this word, it is a bodily function that works on the same principles as a nerf gun. An object, under duress and pressure, is forced out through an opening by a sudden burst of air. Though, in this case it was not a spongy ball meant for childhood fun, but rather my waste product.
             Amazingly, my first reaction was not panic. It was more of a “you have got to be kidding me.” Though short lived, the profundity of it all had assuaged the horrible nature of the situation. But, Every step I took became a meticulous task. Every time I heard any slight noise, I prayed, literally prayed, that I would remain alone in my concrete tomb. By the time I reached the 4th floor my bags felt like they were feathers. My body had warranted the situation serious enough to release a nice healthy dose of adrenalin. I reached my room relatively quickly, and after fumbling the key around in the door I finally got in. The feeling of elation and relief is something I wont soon forget, and after a few minutes of clean up, a nap, and some food I was ready greet Tucson….

(oddly, this would not be the only spontaneous eruption that happened that evening. While sitting eating a late night taco with some friends, a fight broke out. It was a rumble style 6 vs 6. Luckily everyone was really wasted and from a distance it looked to be more like dancing. Thumpy dancing)

The Show

What can I say? It was awesome. No Accidents… Yuck Yuck. In retrospect it is amazing that we all made it across the country with our gear in working order. Everything went smoothly. The set was great. No real hiccups besides a pedal malfunction. All around good times.
Here are some pictures:

View #1

View #2

Stage View

View #3


Woodie coming back to the stage
Hearing people singing our songs
Not having any logistic problems
Drinking heavily after the show


So, for the Tucson show we decided to release limited edition USB drives with 4 brand new songs on it. We had some left over so David put them up on the website. They are full of content, art, lyrics, pictures, yada yada. If you want one, I would recommend getting them now. Only ONE of the songs on the USB drive will be available on Itunes until the full album comes out (this could be months away). OOH SHIZZZ.

Check the homepage, or the last blog entry to find out how to get it:

So this goes without saying that our new single is ready and headed to Itunes. Should be a few weeks before it is posted. I will make sure to tell you all about it… oh trust me… I will tell you about it. Damn this is exciting.

Show This Friday!

 So, as it happens normally, things kinda SNEAK UP ON YOU… Halloween felt like it came out of nowhere, and so did this show. Ha. This Friday (11-06-09) Lagoon will be at Copperfields (The Down Under Pub). It is a bar located right near Fenway in downtown Boston… let me clarify a couple things. There are TWO venues at Copperfields, we will be playing downstairs, the cover is 7 dollars, there will be 4 bands, we are going on about 10:45pm or so.

 And here is another great poster by @davidtornado


Until next time…. Here is a cool picture I took on the drive to LA =P

La Cruisin

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