Lagoon Update: I’M A NINNY, Sizzle… Burn… Pop.


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedily dee
 Now that I have you singing, perhaps we could get started…. Unless you want to keep singing like a retard.

 So whats new!?

Since you can’t talk back to me I’ll just tell you what’s new with me. I love this form of communication. I get to brag and tell you stuff and you just listen. Ahahahaha. Wow. That was mean. I’m sorry… But no, I got some serious stuff to talk about.

It feels like right now is a great time to reflect on life. I know I have been. David and his wife moved out of the band house. Me, Pat, and Marisa are moving down town. This little period of transition has allowed us all to take a break from our craft. We are all still very motivated, but I think we needed this; a small respite to recharge our batteries.

Sometimes I wish that my life were different, that perhaps I found pleasure in something else besides music. There is inherent frustration with loving something, an activity, a craft that is so purely based on luck. It is draining. Sometimes I feel like I am taking my energy and just tossing it into this endless abyss (an analogy from Deuce Bigalo comes to mind about a toothpick in a volcano… I’ll leave it at that).

Those feelings are normally fleeting. I then recall the gratification of it all personally, and to be honest, I should not base my merits (especially in music) upon the opinion of others or its popularity. I know in my heart everything will work out as it should. Just got to push a little everyday. Also, I am reminded of you guys, the people reading this, that have made this journey thus far so worth it. And thank you for all your help, and support. I say that a lot, but it means so much to us. You have been with us through everything, even before I was in the band… So Holy Shit… maybe I should end the pity party before I make a mistake.

No, I said Mistake.

So, things with the band are actually going quite well. Marisa right now is promoting in LA with our good friend TheHawk: pushing the Lagoon Gospel.
The album is coming along. The move really took a toll on this timetable but we are working through it as fast as we can. Really only about 3 parts left until the entire album is done recording, then off to LA to get loved on.
So life is good. Very Good. 

This scared the shit out of me.


So, anyone who follows the stock market knows that yesterday (Thursday 05-06-10) the stock market randomly fell 1000 points in the middle of the day. That is really scary. So… To be honest, when I saw that plunge I figured something was wrong. They have had technical glitches with the market before (it is a system, systems have glitches).  What is really frightening is that they believe one person put a “B” for billions instead of an “M” for millions…. Ok you are telling me that ONE missed keystroke tore down the US stock exchange? Holy shit.  Can you imagine what it was like to be that guy?
*wavy imagine lines*
La la la, I work for a large firm, la la la.

I’m going to be a trade.

I think I want to sell 10 million shares.
*casual typing*
I am so happy to be a trader.

La la la.

Wait… Something is wrong.



OMG… I’m going to lose my job…. OMG…. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO STARVE… OMG… Think of the puppies… THINK OF THE PUPPIES I’M KILLING. OMG… OMG…
* pane of glass crashes*

*body tumbles 50 stories*
Now in reading that you might wonder a few things…. Probably how stocks effect puppies. I know I wondered the same thing, and there is really no correlation but whenever something goes bad I imagine something is smashing puppies. Usually it’s a robot smashing puppies.
Ok, back to real life. So the one human keystroke error is bad, but the real problem is the fact that computers handle a majority of our stock trades. These computers are programmed in very black and white manners. IE: if a stock goes below a certain number, then sell X amount of shares. So, that puppy killing retard trader might have put in a “B” instead of an “M” but the real problem is that 50,000 computers executed automatic trades in a split second…. CRASH GOES THE MARKET. *shivers*
I’ve actually been kinda sad since we ran out of models before weeks. Sad days. Very sad days. Ok not that sad. COME PLAY WITH US.


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By the time I get to Arizona


Back in 2006/2007 when Lagoon was recording our second album I wrote a song called Minutemen which was basically a response to the ridiculousness of Arizonans “patriotically” protecting our Southern border from “terrorists”. (Despite all of the 9/11 terrorists quietly tip-toed through our border way to the North.)

I actually think this song is as timely now as it was then…


turn around this time this time turn
around this time its time to remind you
want your price of mind you try to divide
you try to divide your logic hides behind
you will not resign but i want to remind
your flag of barbed-wire words falls
backwords in time, you try to rewind turn
around this time this time turn around
this time its time to remind this moments
burning bright we will not go blind
telecast your divide your dollar paid this
dime so let me remind someone made
this design your motives speak in rhyme
with the worst of the minds cross the
water hear the rhythm sounds and I have
just begun turn around this time this time
turn around this time its time to remind
your logic hides behind the worst of the
kind the worst human kind your dollar
paid this “crime” each time you’re in line
eachtime you’re in line your motives speak
in rhyme with the wretched of times, the
worst human kind

download for free here

If no one was hiring illegals to avoid employment laws/employment tax/minimum wage, illegals would stop coming to this country for work. If Americans were filling the jobs in the orchards and as day laborers there would be no jobs left for illegals. It’s really that simple.

“can I see your papers please?” is not only unamerican, it’s damn near fascist.

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