Lagoon Update: Show at the Middle East (not in), Hope Returneth


Hi friends!
Well, it’s about that time to start the lagoon machine up again. Everyone ready? Set… GO!

Lets get down to business and bang out the nuts and bolts. No idea what that means really, but it sounded good at the time.


Just to clear some stuff up, this show is AT the MIDDLE EAST a club in Cambridge. Not, IN THE MIDDLE EAST, the area where things blow up and people get all yelly and shit.

Its going to be two weeks from tomorrow, or 1 week from next Thursday, or rather one day before 2 Fridays from now. Actually, lets just break it down like this. 
When: Thursday August 5th The year of our lord 2010
Time: 9:00pm  
Where: Middle East in Cambridge 
Why: Our souls crave the rock 
You can find all the information you can shake a stick at over on our facebook:
If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, Jessica Frease conjured us another poster. Did I mention I love this design?

So what’s been new?

Well actually this has been a rough couple months. Moving, as it turns out, costs a lot. There are hidden things like shower rings, trash cans, and parking spaces that you really cant figure into your expenses.
Ahaha, expenses. I’m in a fucking band you think I know what expenses are? No seriously, I’m in a band, and we are horribly inefficient with money.
For a second don’t you wonder why uber rich musicians end up poor and so screwed up 10 years down the line? It’s because we waste our money on 400 dollar softball bats, Kayak racks, tattoos of ladies in 50’s style swimsuits, alcohol, and life size cut outs of trees blowing in wind. The only difference is we didn’t have any money to start with, so instead of 10 years from now we suffer right now. =(
And suffer we have. Example: Pat has been living off of a 70 dollars Dunkin Donuts gift card for the last 2 weeks.
But, like all things, the bad moments pass, the storm clears, and you find your happy normal. Or, happy abnormal.
That brings us to now. Right now….
Show coming up, Album cooking in LA, hope returns, and Lagoon has survived another trying time.

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