Gemini Art SneaLLLLLL preview


Lagoon is getting ready to release our 3rd self-released album. Here’s a sneak preview of the art. The name of the album is Gemini.
The concept is duality of self.
Here I have depicted a midnight meeting of a hare and a fox, each representing contrasting aspects of human nature. The black bars across the animals eyes is meant to convey a couple of things. First, traditionally this is a method of concealing ones identity, even though clearly we can see that the fox ix a fox and the hare is a hare. (So, no matter how we disguise our true selves, others can still see who we are) Secondly, it implies that both the fox and the hare cannot see each other. (This is a bit more esoteric, but basically, this could be interpreted as either acceptance or denial, i.e. looking past our collective flaws.)
Much aligned with many of the lyrics of the record, the art is a visual narrative of the struggle between what we are, how we see ourselves, how others see us and how we think others see us.

Iphone wallpaper, and Desktop wallpaper versions of this graphic are available on our homepage at : Lagoon

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Lagoonie In Love – A Gustave Cadet Production



Hi Friends, before I spill the beans on the huge plans that Lagoon has coming up and blow your mind, I decided to ease into it by giving you a peak at what Gustave Cadet, the rewowned producer/director, has been up to.

He created a series of mini documentaries on Love, and asked me and my Girlfriend to do it. Check it out!


Now, wipe those tears from your eyes, and be excited… The beginning of Lagoon’s new journey is very close.
Gustave is going to be releasing more mini-documentaries and awesome stuff on his Youtube page – check it out!


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