Lagoon Update: Rock Shop 8, Upcomingness, Bat Sex, Flarfingrad (made up)


Hi. I am le tired. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try for you. I will always try for you, my deer.


Rock Shop 8

I am not going to lie, going into this I had no idea what to expect. I knew that was going to be on a “panel” (I was thinking supreme court). Luckily it was far more awesome with a lot less old politicians. The discussion portion of the night was followed up by a performance. I couldn’t think of anything more fulfilling. Shedding the wall between stage and fan in such a delegated way is brilliant.
It was difficult to gauge this performance on a normal scale. It was rather different. The oddity of talking to and interacting with other like minded bands BEFORE performing is something I’m not used to. In fact, talking about Lagoon’s social media strategy amongst anyone but my closest peers is something completely foreign to me.
I do have to say that I got an inkling of something special here. It seems that a number of performers, or even those who put on this show, were a little let down by the turn out. However, RockShop is certainly onto something, and as it grows (and I certainly hope they keep this up for a long time) ingraining new technology and means of communication within the panel and discussion section will add to validity to it all. It makes me excited for things to come.
I’ll Spock this shit and just say “The success of the many outweighs the success of the few.”
I recommend everyone take a second and get to meet the other performers. I don’t need to say much else but I implore you to take a look, dive into these other musicians lives. You’ll see a lot of similarities and hear a lot of great music.
Aaron Perrino (Of the Sheila Divine) 
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling 
I will include pictures from our set at the end, but for a more in-depth rundown, video footage, as well as an aggregate of the night’s blog reports check out Michael J Epstein’s blog  you can also check out Georg Capalbo’s Flickr for some panel pictures  )
Very Special Thanks to Charles McEnerney @wellroundedradi (for making me feel ok that I was a tad late to the panel) and Clay @mideastclub (We love the Middle East and Happy Birthday!)

Promo Video – Gustave destroys your soul

Gustave has decided to put our ugly faces to the test again and film us a Promo Video. For those of you who don’t know Gustave, he is the Manius (man+genius) that created our first video (Marisa and I also agree that he looks like a very huggable person).
Remember this?

Ok, I actually cant give you any more details on this project except that filming will start October 16th.
I am such a tease. Ahahahaha. Ok I’m not… I give it up pretty easily. You just have to ask… But not about the promo. I wont give that up. That’s my cherry. It’s my Promo Cherry. Wow, ok, not going down that road again… AGAIN!?!


(said like Rufio)

So, Lagoon is continuing its transition phase. David has been diligently working on our studio, and is looking forward to us not playing shows for a little bit. Sadly, that’s what the rest of us like to do, and that’s how we get to love all over you. Trust me, it will be worth it. It’s like a butterfly, we’re cocooning. My analogies today are horrible.

Oh, Also, it was my birthday this week. Yay. I’m 12 now. Here is a picture of my sister and my girlfriend eating a gigantic pineapple gummy bear.


F**king bats are awesome!


2010 Biology Nobel Prize

“A description of the sexual antics of the short-nosed fruit bat earned the award for Gareth Jones at Bristol University and collaborators in China. The team showed that females who performed oral sex on their mates copulated for longer”
First of all, what does a bat penis look like? Maybe that’s just where my mind goes first, but really, what does it look like. I guess it’s a good thing these are short nosed bats and not the long nosed variety. It might make that action a little more difficult, considering the strange contour of a little bat face.
“It is the first documented case of fellatio by adult animals other than humans to my knowledge, and opens questions about whether female animals can manipulate males via sexual activity, perhaps in this case to improve their chances of successful fertilisation,” Jones told the Guardian. He planned to demonstrate the behaviour at the ceremony using puppets.”
If everyone who discovered a strange sexual act then reenacted it using puppets was given a Nobel Prize half of california would have one. Think for one moment… Where would be the most inappropriate place to have puppet sex? Yep, you guessed it… A Nobel acceptance speech. Not only that, where do you get a Bat Puppet. Not only that, an anatomically correct Bat Puppet. Oh that’s right, YOU DON’T. so that means that this guy is going to fabricate a bat puppet and bat penis out of some sort of felt probably, which brings me back to my original problem: What does a G-ddamn bat penis look like!?
Ok, lets get on to some pictures. A couple of these photos might be doctored.


A final, but potent quote:
Me: I need a quote for this week
Tristan: WTF

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