I’m having a baby!


I'm Expecting!

It would seem I am the last of a dying breed as I have yet to procreate.

But I have good news! I am expecting! I… am… GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

But seriously…

Those of you close to me know I have been laboring on building a recording studio/rehearsal space in my basement–it has been one hell of a project… for all intensive purposes, it is my baby. So I have decided that it wouldn’t be completely inappropriate to hold a shower for the little romper-stomper. [Note to God and/or Gods: please don't interpret this to mean I wish for a pipe to freeze and to have the studio literally showered upon. More information can be had at Wikipedia for what a Baby Shower is.]

Originally I had planned to create a Kickstarter page, but they rejected my proposal because “we don’t understand what you need funds for.” I tried to explain that my end-product was digital… you know, because PEOPLE AREN’T BUYING CD’S. But, that I need the STUFF to make the MUSICS. Anyway, it’s hard to qualify why one would need leather club chairs and/or a platinum mini-fridge. Or vintage Edison light bulbs. But, man… I promise somehow it is completely necessary to the creative process.

As the weeks draw on I will be completing final touches on the space, and there are some things that would really, really make this studio bitchin’.

If you have the means, or know someone who has the means, please feel free to forward this Amazon baby registry link. And there are price points for every budget! But mostly, super wealthy budgets. That’s what sucks about being a musician… we don’t make any money yet all of our gear is ridiculously expensive. It’s a racket I tell ya!

Also, if you know anyone with a Roland TD-20 kit–and they would like to donate it let me know.

Oh! I almost forgot, the baby’s name is Tornado Shelter. Most likely in a few weeks there will be bloggage and many, many photos of the process as I have been documenting the progress since Summer. But you will have to wait, because only family gets to see the baby first.








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