Lagoon – Gemini has Landed! Apollo Program Announced!





Can you believe it? No, honestly, can you?

It has been exactly two years since we broke ground (and wind) on our third album, and now it is DONE. Phew!

Clicking on the picture above goes directly to itunes, but you might prefer any of the following:


 Ahahah, our music is on Zune. Sorry… We really are pulling out all the stops.
This was an endeavor to say the least, we are so happy to have it done, and so excited to get it to you.
Right now this is only a digital release, so make sure to pick up a copy of the liner notes off our website – for free of course – what kind of asses would charge for liner notes- that’s like sitting down to a fancy dinner and having to buy a napkin.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

(click picture for an awesome @davidtornado designed .pdf )

Please let us know what you think, let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you want to see more of.


That’s the good news….
What about the great news?!?


No I don’t have a goiter… And that is not great…. What the F is wrong with you?

The great news is that we have already lined up album #4 which we will start recording in August – So all your feedback we’re going to use to tailor this album, hone it in, draw our sites, hit our mark, nail it on the head… You get it.
Also, if you were wondering, we are not going to call the new album Apollo- Nothing against the lord of the sun (dont want to anger him).


Some of you might wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. It’s pretty simple: I wanted to make sure I addressed you when I had something substantial, something meaningful.
It’s hard sometimes – the life we have chosen. It has such incredible peaks followed by the lowest of lows (read over the past blogs on this site and you can see for yourself). However, every time we’ve felt we were on the brink, about the lose it all, something comes along and pushes us forward… has to be something to that?
Thank you to all our fans that have made this worth it. I hope you know that all our work goes to you, we just want to make you happy, and blast your ear drums with glory.



On a completely unrelated note, my March Madness Bracket is so F’ed. Even without playing tonight’s championship game, David has claimed victory:


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Lagoon Update: Models, Videos, and Turtles oh my!


Wowey, it’s been too long! Sorry I have not been writing as much… this whole “HOLY CRAP LIFE IS REALLY POUNDING IT TO YOU” thing is taking its toll on my creativity.

However, we have a lot of band related nuse… nuse? News? There we go.


Sometimes friends of the band go out of their way to do something nice for us. We are lucky to have such an eclectic fan base.

Most recently, my good friend Vanessa Athens (@Vanessaathens) did something amazing… Truly amazing. Not only is she flying through Los Angeles’s ranks as the coolest person alive, but she spent a great deal of time putting together a Lagoon Photo Shoot using some of our Teeshirts and 15 of LA’s finest models. Needless to say, the band was blown away by not only the sheer number of photos (over 600), but also the effort and generosity Vanessa and all the models showed us.

Starting next week as a way to repay their hard work (before we are all sipping fine wine at a red carpet party), we will start featuring the models on all of our social networks. we will be tweeting pictures, and linking the rest to our facebook ( and our blog, where you can view the entire collection.

So here’s a very special thanks to all of you:

Production Manager: Vanessa Athens

Photographer: Hansel Tsai

Angie Abana – Professional Editor & Model

Bahar Barkzi – Model

Bret Ford – Firefighter & Model

Chris Kovacs – Actor/Model

Daniel Conners – Actor/Model

Isaiah Lucas – Model

Juliana Pfeffer – Model

Kevin Sullivan – Professional Diver & Model

Lydia Muijen – Actress/Model

Mariel Gomsrud –

Melissa Temps – Model

Miranda Hazen – Model

Phoenix Skye – Model

Clinton Brandel – Model

Josh Duhon – Model

Vanessa Athens – Singer/Model/fucking amazing

Here’s a taste:




Interested in getting yourself a SEAFOAM teeshirt? Go here =)

Interested in some of our “ONE OF A KIND” shirts, check out the store on our homepage: http://

And stay tuned for all the featured model pics!


As you know, or if you didn’t know you just don’t pay enough attention to us, Lagoon dedicates a great deal of its energy trying to raise awareness for the mistreatment of animals, well… Creatures in general. Recently, Marisa (@lagoonmarisa) went to Georgia to visit the Sea Turtle Center, which specializes in rehabilitating sick turtles. (

Here are some pictures, look at their sweet faces:




If you head over to their website you can learn about some of their patients, my favorite being 2007’s patient of the year named “Griffin”

Griffin was originally stranded off Daytona beach and was taken to the Volusia County Marine Science Center. He is unable to dive and can not eat on his own. After several weeks, the staff there decided that they would like to transfer him here to see if new eyes could help find the mystery problem. We received him, and after some initial xrays found he has a lot of gas in his GI tract, and treated him for a bacterial infection…”

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Lagoon Update: Touched by a Whangel, Cane Defense Tips


(For all the glory make sure to visit

First of all, I have to take a second and wish @davidtornado well. He cut his finger slicing a bagel. I know what you are thinking “HOLY SHIT BAGELS ARE SO AWESOME,” but now is not the time for such things. His finger is fine, but he unfortunately missed our Lagoon outing to go whale watching =(

Touched by a Whangel

A year ago, when Lagoon set out into the sea of Boston, we took a pledge. We wanted to keep it as a sort of unspoken band “theme,” and gear our creative energy to color our songs.

When we created the song White Heart, and subsequent video, we wanted to help raise awareness for the murdering of whales (for those of you who haven’t seen the video:

I have to admit I was somewhat mentally removed from the breadth of the concept. It’s hard to grasp what you are doing without seeing the animal behind the song. This weekend I went whale watching, and I found myself in one of the most touching moments of my life.

 @Lagoonpmac, @lagoonmarisa, and ME 




As I stood at the edge of the boat gazing intently on the sea surface through the light salty spray, I watched blue turn to green, then to white, as the back of an enormous leviathan stretched into the air. I found myself choking back tears. I could not believe how amazing it was.  Here was a creature, 40 feet in length, curious, intelligent, and gorgeous.

Since we released our video our band has gained in popularity, especially with our online community. I feel like it was necessary to remind everyone that Lagoon will always been a band that makes music because we love music, and will always gear our intents to the betterment of life. This does not stop at raising awareness. We are hoping to really make a difference.

The studio version of the song White Heart should be out very soon. We intend on donating a percentage of the profits from that song to both local and national charities.

How to Defend Oneself with a Cane

To show you how personally committed I am to the betterment of mankind, I have put together a self defense guide to help you. Have you ever been traversing a dark alley with your cane when a nefarious figure approaches you and attempts to manhandle you? Well, I have some Cane defense tips that will surely help.

Tip #1

The Killer Crotch Flip

The Killer Crotch Flip

 How to do it:

Wait for your opponent to make his move with his stick/weapon/cane. He will go for your jugular. Bend at the knee like you are praying, then stab your cane into the attackers crotch. Trust upwards with your legs, and flip your opponent by the sheer pressure on his genitals

Why this works?

If you did not know, your crotch is a very sensitive area. Hitting it with a cane will hurt. I do not recommend you try this, just take my word for it. In fact, any pressure by any blunt object in the crotch area is going to result in immense amounts of discomfort.

Tip # 2

The High Attack Stabby Block Stab

The High Attack Stabby Block Stab


How to do it:

I know the name of this move is pretty intimidating, but don’t let that fool you. Since you have a cane, I know you have great intelligence or a slight limp. Chances are your opponent, who also has a cane, shares these same weaknesses. First you must parry your opponents cane with your own high up into the air. Then, say something insulting as you move forward, such as “Your Blazer looks like a Sack Coat you scallywag!” With your opponent stunned, choke him and threaten to jam your cane down his throat.

Why This works?

Insults are the greatest way to distract your opponent. Make sure to stay away from insulting a man’s family, or the rage from such an insult might provide him with extra verve.


Tip #3

The Bowler Hat Fakey

The Bowler Hat Fakey

How to do it:

This is an advanced move and requires superb footwork and deception. With your cane held up high in your right hand, fake like you are going to strike with it. Then shriek loudly like a yak, turn your body the OTHER way, and flail your left hand over the top of your opponents outstretched arm. Hit that prim ass in the face.

Why This works?

It doesnt.


Tip #4

The Hook-Leg Deck Shoe Trip
The Hook-Leg Deck Shoe Trip

How to do it:

This is one of the most effective cane defense moves developed by modern science. First, you must have patience. Taunt your opponent by telling him you see urine stains on his knickerbockers. When he lunges with an abnormally long stance to punch you, step across his body and grab his limp arm with your left hand. At this point you will be very close to your opponents face. Whisper something nice so he lowers his left hand. The second you feel like your words are calming him slice your cane with great speed into his leg and trip him to the floor.

Why This Works?

Humans have legs. These legs keep us upright. When you use your cane to pull a leg out from under someone, they will fall. When someone is on the ground they are a far less effective fighter.

Until next time!


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