Gulls, A demonic presence, News News News?


Hi friends. I know it’s been a while since we talked, but that’s ok. I am sure you will eventually get over it. I was going to do this blog in video form, but I felt like writing. Too bad for you.


Ok… I gotta talk about the News.

A lot has been going on recently. In fact, it is INSANE, how many stories there are about Michael Jackson. I am convinced that most news companies have simply found a way to put his name in taglines just get readers. I am happy it is almost over, but I could not help but notice what happened on TV the night MJ died:

ABC news planned a special episode of 20/20, it was tastefully done, somber, heartfelt.

NBC did a two-hour dateline on Michael and Farrah. It outlined some of their greatest accomplishments

Most the other networks did life and times of Michael Jackson, in-depth stories, live witness accounts, performances.

So what did the Fox network do? What ingenious, artistic, wholesome way did Fox honor one of the most talented artist of our time.
It re-aired the American Idol Michael Jackson Special….
Really Fox?
That’s what you came up with? Other far less talented people performing, or raping rather, Michael Jackson songs.
I remember tweeting about this when it happened; it is like having trained apes performing Bible miracles. I would rather watch a young child get punted like a football than have to sit through David Cook ruining Billie Jean. Really… that’s the best you could do? Why not show Michael Jackson performing his own songs… How he intended… is that not a logical thing? Or perhaps American Idol is so starved for cash and attention… oh wait… It’s not.


And Iran, Iran so far awayyyyy…..

Whenever a country uses the word “crush” in any political statement in regards to their OWN population, their citizens are not free.  Run away.

Oh ya, and Flock of Seagulls RULE!


Demon Guitar and more on Iran


I recently purchased a 1985 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass guitar. I am in love with it. Seriously, my fingers are barely able to type at this moment because I have been playing so much. However… there is something a little bit worrisome that I found on the internets.

So… is my guitar possessed? Am I doomed to Disappear? Or, like some accounts have said, is Lagoon now destined for fame, glory, and so many suitors that I’ll only be tantamount to an Iranian Supreme leader.

But wait… where was I going with that? OH YA, probably the greatest thing I’ve read recently about Iran… Why does Iran hate Britain? I mean… they did nothing but drink tea, eat crumpets and play cricket? Or football, which is soccer. Beside the point. So apparently the supreme leader, Supreme Ayatollah Ohcrapheap Coalminer, hid all his money guised as state funds (~billion) and put it in BRITISH BANKS. Ha. Gotta love when they seized that. I am sure that is enough to make any power-drunk leader a little Coo Coo for some revenge. Oh I seriously love the Brits.

Supreme Suck

Band News

So, I figured since this is the BAND BLOG, I should mention something about it… We are really close to having a couple of the new songs done. It’s really exciting to hear our plans come together ( I will be tweeting and blipping the crap out of this stuff). We found out the hard way how difficult it is to gig-out AND record an album at the same time. So after our upcoming concert in Vermont, we are going to be taking some time off to really focus on recording, and finishing up all these loose ends. Ha, loose ends, I always giggle when I say that. I dont think we’re crazy… but…


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