Lagoon Update: BOO! Get Down!


So, I know it’s been a while- some might say a long time. And it’s true… Sorry.

So what’s been going on?

We had a couple of shows… and if you missed it too bad… AHAHAH. It was great to play at the Middle East and the Cantab again.
On a completely unrelated side note:

My mom called me the other day (she does this frequently) and she asked how the show at the Cantab went. I said it went fine, Marisa (our drummer, nurrrr) played really well, we had a lot of fun, yada yada yada – essentially the exact same conversation I’ve had with my mom about every concert I’ve ever played.


Except… One thing… my mom made a comment about the name “ohhhh, Cantab that’s so clever.” I just nervously responded… Oh ya.. it’s so clever… At the time I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, or what the name Cantab could possibly be about.


Nope… not Can’t Ab.






Ok, Really. So what’s been going on?

You might wonder why we have been so quiet? It’s not really anything fun like Pat got cancer and died. It’s more regular run-of-the-mill stuff like pat ran away to Taiwan, or Tahiti, or Thailand (it’s something that starts with a T).
I wish I was joking, but he’s gone.
We considered calling the police until we saw he was still updating his facebook with pictures: 



Then we realized that everything is normal, and that’s just Pat being Pat.



So, we have decided to take some time off- You know Lagoon, we never take time off *cough*- Until pat comes back. We THINK he’ll be popping through our door in a couple of weeks.

Then we are going to gear right up with another online concert! YAY INTERNETS!

Check this Ish Out!


Our friend and all around Stud , Gustave Cadet, set up a really awesome site featuring some amazing artists in all forms- an aggregate collection of interesting works.

I recommend you check it out. Now. No seriously. Right now. It’s a great way to lose some time!

Insert (inspiration)

If you don’t, you’re just another ne’er-do-well



What I have been concerning myself with over these last couple months – so here you go – all compiled in a neat little list.

1. I am ecstatic that the Cardinals finally got a QB that isn’t Matt Leinhart. I might actually consider picking up Fitzy on my fantasy team. YES FANTASY IS CLOSE.
2. I just noticed that they finally raised the debt ceiling – politics aside – WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG
3. I read somewhere that they have been making headway in the treatment of Down ’s syndrome. That’s right, the TREATMENT. I thought that was amazing, and proof we are almost exactly like mice.
4. 3 of my orchids are blooming, and I couldn’t be happier. I would have made this #3 but seeing 3. 3 next to each other was really confusing, and I hate typing out the world three. DAMINT. DAAA MINT.
5. I just heard that Red Wine can prevent sunburn… This is not a joke, and explains why my girlfriend heals so quickly from being a lobster.
6. Marisa and I won the B league softball Bronze level championship. I have the mug to prove it.
7. From what I can gather, David is still president and CEO of awesome- but polls show that Ron Perlman is gaining steadily in popularity.
8. Pat really is not in the US, while he is gone I’ve been storing cat feces in his room and the smell has actually IMPROVED.
9. I’ve been collecting cat feces.

Damn It Cohagen


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Lagoon Update: Cheeseburger, Internet Show, The Middle East, Geography



A new approach

Hi friends, it’s good to see you. Happy they finally let you out.

Time to make love to the Internet

No, I did not say “ON” the internet, so your hopes of seeing some sort of Lagoon incestual dance is not going to happen. And seriously, get checked out. You’re sick.
We have decided that we are going to start streaming live concerts from our Studio in Boston MA (want to know more about the studio? Go here )
WHY you might ask? A few reasons…
1. Because we can- the technology is there, and we found a way to get GREAT live sound (it’s a secret) – Also Ustream allows us to do this for free with multiple camera angles.
2. Everyone can join us – literally everyone
3. We hope to expand this show to more acts, have other local artists
Pretty cool eh?
Let’s go over some details.
This show is going to be Friday May 27th at 9pm EST broadcasting LIVE from Lagoon’s Tornado Shelter in Boston MA on our Ustream Site (There’s not much up there now except a test – and someone was a little out of tune)
We will also probably be drinking… Wait… Not probably… We will also be drinking, so this is going to be an overall fun time.
I’ll update you all closer to the show, and David is going to be designing a stellar poster.

Time to make love to the Middle East


Not sure how you want to interpret that headline, but… The Middle East  is an awesome club in Cambridge. We love playing there.
We figured since we’re doing an internet show we should ALSO do a live show. We don’t want you to think we are going soft.
Here are some tentative details (the date is set in stone):
Where: The Middle East  in Cambridge
When: Thursday June 30th
Why: Because it’s been too damn long.
This will be our first concert since our 3rd album released…. Wait… You did know our third album came out right? Well if you didn’t, please go buy it. I am not going to fluff around, it’s the only reason why we exist on this earth (link/picture goes to itunes, but it’s on every other site imaginable just search Lagoon Gemini).

We hope to see you there, and… Again… We’ll update you with the full list of bands, and a sweet ass poster soon.

Why do some states hate us?

We, as a band, love to track our site statistics. We have had enormous success with our homepage in hits, downloads (our first two albums and previews of our third are free), and even the blog… this blog… the exact same one you are reading.
However, recently we have noticed a disturbing trend.
Certain states just don’t like our website ( I had to reference a map since I’m Stoopid):
South Dakota
New Mexico
North Carolina
Some of these states I can fully understand- like Delaware which is not really a state

Also Kansas – cows can’t type- Arkansas for the same reason.

The one that really bothers me… Nevada!? Really? C’mon… We’ve played shows there; we’ve gambled and hooked there. Just bothers me.
Half of Indonesia has clicked on our website, but we can’t even get all of America. I feel like a failure. Know of anyone who lives in these crapholes? Get them to click on our site, and I wont call their home a craphole.

Old Picture – New Fun

My sister, Marisa (the damn drummer in this band), went back to our hometown last week and scanned a whole bunch of old photos. Nothing good can come of this.
Let me present to you my ~10 year old self:

Maybe it’s just me… But I did not reminisce when I saw this. I did not question where I was, or who took the picture. I did not even comment on my impressive watch…

The only think I could think of was….
The internet has changed me.


For those of you who don’t know, and if you don’t know this shit by now it’s really a shame, @Davidtornado our lead singer is also the mastermind behind all the designs on our website, posters, tee-shirts… everything except Pat’s wardrobe.
The band has been together since 2003, that’s 8 years of shows, that’s a shit ton of posters.
So we decided to dig some old ones up, and feature them on the blog and the facebook (full gallery in the facebook)




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Lagoon Update: Dude Where’s my Van? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Losing Things



(Marisa getting ready to rock)

Show Review!

On the hierarchy of “losing things” your vehicle tends to be a priority, so you could imagine our amazement when we walked out to corner to find that our extremely large bright red van missing.
“Hum… I know for a fact I parked the van here,” said Pat.

And then it started raining.

Marisa had already claimed my umbrella for her hair which was frizzing itself into a knot. The rest of us reached for our phones and madly started googling. I think my first entry was “My can was Towde” (Give me a break, it’s a new phone and I am just learning). Within minutes, we determined the Red Beast was being held at a nearby impound lot.

With less than an hour until we had to load in for the show, we were all happy that retrieving our van was relatively easy. Handing over money for something we never wanted done in the first place proved to be more difficult. I remember the stale impound office room, at least one sweaty overweight man judging us, while the other happily rang Pat’s credit card. $$

On our way to get our equipment, I remember staring out the window hoping that this was the last strange thing to happen that night.


A few seconds later we lightly struck a mail truck (Incriminating picture has been purposefully left off).

When we arrived at the Middle East I felt much more at ease. We spent some time enjoying drinks and food in the lobby with some friends. In retrospect, beans, grease, and heavy spices were probably the last thing I should have eaten. I did not know that the stage was going to sweat up like a sauna… I got very few hugs after the show. David got a lot of hugs…



The concert went very well. I should have brought up a second bottle of water (or beer?). If one were to judge our performance based on how much bodily fluid we were covered in, I would say we did swimmingly.  Things got even more interesting the second we got off the stage. I had an argument with the booking lady, Pat had an argument with a cab driver, everyone else drank  and slipped away.



No Bodily Harm 

Let us for a second return to our previous graph.

It’s not something we did on purpose, but in the mess of loading out our equipment, recounting the night’s activities, and drinking we lost someone. I mean, full on lost someone. Let me clarify, it’s not that we just “left” someone at the club or at the practice space. We simply lost a human being. They got out of the van when no one was around and just wandered off. It is the exact same feeling you have when you lose a dog, a drunk dog, a large drunk dog, a large really drunk dog that’s actually a person.

We managed to scrounge up a couple large Mag-lights and began scouring the neighborhood. I think David’s neighbors thought:
A. We murdered someone and was burying them in a hole dug from inebriated screams.
B. We had lost our dog, but we were going about retrieving him in a way that would simply scare him more.
C. We were so drunk that we thought flashlights talked to Jesus.

Now, the most interesting fact is that this person (who shall remain namless) some how slipped passed all our searching, responded to ZERO name calls, ducked under the cover of the night and crawled BACK into the rear of the van. Pat, who was driving, suddenly realized some other human had just flopped down on the cold metal floor. He was now asleep. We had found him.

Where he was, what he did, and why he did it shall remain a mystery.

As we pulled away, David texted me almost immediately after. Apparently a bat had gotten into his house. If this had anything to do with the fact we covered the True Blood theme song at the show I don’t know. I would like to think it did.

****Imagine X-Files Theme****

And now for a picture trip through the rest of our weekend.





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Lagoon Update: Show at the Middle East (not in), Hope Returneth


Hi friends!
Well, it’s about that time to start the lagoon machine up again. Everyone ready? Set… GO!

Lets get down to business and bang out the nuts and bolts. No idea what that means really, but it sounded good at the time.


Just to clear some stuff up, this show is AT the MIDDLE EAST a club in Cambridge. Not, IN THE MIDDLE EAST, the area where things blow up and people get all yelly and shit.

Its going to be two weeks from tomorrow, or 1 week from next Thursday, or rather one day before 2 Fridays from now. Actually, lets just break it down like this. 
When: Thursday August 5th The year of our lord 2010
Time: 9:00pm  
Where: Middle East in Cambridge 
Why: Our souls crave the rock 
You can find all the information you can shake a stick at over on our facebook:
If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, Jessica Frease conjured us another poster. Did I mention I love this design?

So what’s been new?

Well actually this has been a rough couple months. Moving, as it turns out, costs a lot. There are hidden things like shower rings, trash cans, and parking spaces that you really cant figure into your expenses.
Ahaha, expenses. I’m in a fucking band you think I know what expenses are? No seriously, I’m in a band, and we are horribly inefficient with money.
For a second don’t you wonder why uber rich musicians end up poor and so screwed up 10 years down the line? It’s because we waste our money on 400 dollar softball bats, Kayak racks, tattoos of ladies in 50’s style swimsuits, alcohol, and life size cut outs of trees blowing in wind. The only difference is we didn’t have any money to start with, so instead of 10 years from now we suffer right now. =(
And suffer we have. Example: Pat has been living off of a 70 dollars Dunkin Donuts gift card for the last 2 weeks.
But, like all things, the bad moments pass, the storm clears, and you find your happy normal. Or, happy abnormal.
That brings us to now. Right now….
Show coming up, Album cooking in LA, hope returns, and Lagoon has survived another trying time.

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