Lagoon – Gemini has Landed! Apollo Program Announced!





Can you believe it? No, honestly, can you?

It has been exactly two years since we broke ground (and wind) on our third album, and now it is DONE. Phew!

Clicking on the picture above goes directly to itunes, but you might prefer any of the following:


 Ahahah, our music is on Zune. Sorry… We really are pulling out all the stops.
This was an endeavor to say the least, we are so happy to have it done, and so excited to get it to you.
Right now this is only a digital release, so make sure to pick up a copy of the liner notes off our website – for free of course – what kind of asses would charge for liner notes- that’s like sitting down to a fancy dinner and having to buy a napkin.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

(click picture for an awesome @davidtornado designed .pdf )

Please let us know what you think, let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you want to see more of.


That’s the good news….
What about the great news?!?


No I don’t have a goiter… And that is not great…. What the F is wrong with you?

The great news is that we have already lined up album #4 which we will start recording in August – So all your feedback we’re going to use to tailor this album, hone it in, draw our sites, hit our mark, nail it on the head… You get it.
Also, if you were wondering, we are not going to call the new album Apollo- Nothing against the lord of the sun (dont want to anger him).


Some of you might wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. It’s pretty simple: I wanted to make sure I addressed you when I had something substantial, something meaningful.
It’s hard sometimes – the life we have chosen. It has such incredible peaks followed by the lowest of lows (read over the past blogs on this site and you can see for yourself). However, every time we’ve felt we were on the brink, about the lose it all, something comes along and pushes us forward… has to be something to that?
Thank you to all our fans that have made this worth it. I hope you know that all our work goes to you, we just want to make you happy, and blast your ear drums with glory.



On a completely unrelated note, my March Madness Bracket is so F’ed. Even without playing tonight’s championship game, David has claimed victory:


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Lagoon Update: Show-Review/Preview, 5 Worst State Slogans


Hey Kiddies… Shall we?


Hi friends. First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to the great Butterknife-Lagoon Extravaganza 2010. We had a blast, and we hope to be rocking with Butterknife again soon!!
Show Highlights:
Butterknife’s drummer made my ears bleed.
I never thought I would ever hear anyone play the drums louder than @lagoonmarisa… Well… I think she has met her match.

- 5 hearing
+5 Amazing

Because Kieran has an amazing beard
It is amazing.

That one random thing that happened…
After the show, while Marisa and Pat were fighting with the venue trying to get paid (literally almost fighting), I decided to duck out the back and go find our gigantic red love machine. So… I go walking and I finally spot the whale of a van in the corner of a ‘pay to park’ lot. It’s dark, probably about 1am, I’m not scared or anything but I readied my ninja senses and walked briskly. I opened the door. Hopped in. Put the keys in the ignition, and simultaneously turned on the lights…
Suddenly, I notice a young man urinating on the fence directly in front of the van (ass to bumper).  The burst of light and loud engine noise startled him horribly, and I could see the glisten of errant spray even through the windsheild. He quickly twisted his head left to right, trying to see whether or not he was getting attacked. In a few moments he decided to make a break for it and  run partly hunched over to the edge of the fence…. Meanwhile, I just laughed hysterically.
Here are some photos…. of the show… you sicko:


Ok, looking forward:
We have some stuff in the pipe. And I’m NOT talking about the fact you, or anyone else, has to poop; Different pipe. This is the kinda pipe that music flows out of. One could argue that tooting is music, but… ok you get the point.
Lets start with the poster by @davidtornado


This is going to be a FREE social media event sponsored by and before we play our set I’ll be giving a little talk. I am totally used to this kind of stuff. I typically get up and share my feelings at meetings all the time. You know… the kind of meetings for degenerate sex addicts like myself.  But, to be serious (for once), this should be an awesome event. We are playing downstairs, all ages, free show. It’s going to be all about music, social media, and the progression of it all.
“Hi my name is Larry and I have a tiny…”

(remember you can download any of David’s posters in wallpaper, iphone wallpaper, and .pdf form on the homepage:

5 Worst State Slogans

So, a little backstory: The next day after the show David thought it would be a good idea to head on down to Newport to catch the final Polo match of the season. I decided to tag along, and it turned out to be a glorious afternoon (pictures after this  section). So, it might seem totally unrelated to the headline, but upon crossing state lines into “The Ocean state” I became curious… curious about states…  So, on a whim I pulled up some information on my sweetass new smarthphone and… lets just say I was amazed.
#5 Utah
Slogan: “This is still the right place.”
Religious jokes aside, Utah is still the right place for what? The right place to live? The right place to visit? The right place to tickle? Something is not just intrinsically right. Ugh. It’s almost as bad as what they have on their license plates: “Life Elevated.” Is that a pun or did my brain just die.
#4 Rhode Island
Slogan: “We’re not really an Island.”
It’s sad that I’m not kidding.
#3 New York
Slogan: “I love New York”
That’s great, what about the rest of us. Doesn’t this seem a little pretentious? I suggest you change it to “You know, you might love New York too if we weren’t so loud.”
#2 Oklahoma
Slogan: “Oklahom is OK”
Oh I get. It’s funny because it’s true! Hahaha. You know, that’s so funny.

#1 Nevada
Slogan: “It’s Wide Open.”
It sure is. It sure is.
Honorable Mentions:
Slogan: “It’s like a Whole Other Country”
My Version: “It Should be a Whole Other Country.”

Slogan: “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania”
I fucking doubt it.
And now some polo match photos:

A final, but potent quote:
Me:  I guess money cant buy you love?
 Tristan:  maybe he didn’t have enough

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Lagoon Update: News, Five Things That Should Never Exist IRL, Featured Model: Mariel Gomsrud


Normally I don’t like to write blogs with any sort of theme. Those of you who read this are used to my frenetic and completely random style of “mind dump” I usually force upon you. This blog will be no different. Ha. What… did you actually think I would change? I WONT CHANGE FOR YOU OK!?


We got some great news. The second song in our stream of new music has been sent in to our digital distributor. Should be a few weeks or so, then WHAMMO it will be up on itunes, Amazon, and all that jazz. I think most of you will be pleasantly surprised at the different direction this song takes from our first Episode (Heater Rabbit). This song, entitled “This Life Owes You Nothing,” will showcase more of a slower/melodic sound that Lagoon fans will recognize from our first album graduation (which is free for download on our site here).

Our 5th song on the album, “Straw Thief,” is just about done being recorded, and is headed to LA for some loving this week, then on to be mastered


Those of you who are waiting patiently… oh sooo patiently, in regards to the progress of the music video, we promise we will update you the second we know anything. Until then… Wait… and cry.  ahahahha kidding… that would be sad… But let me say this… It’s going to be sooner rather than later… Much sooner.

Five Things I am Happy Do Not Exist

I was watching Star Wars II – The Crap Wars last night in a semi-drunken stupor and I let my imagination roam. I really, for a moment, wished that I could have a light saber. I imagined the limitless applications for such a device: slicing ham, heating up a latte, opening a coconut, shaving, marble sculpting. However, I soon realized that most people, well EVERYONE without proper Jedi training would surely murder him or herself  in short order. So…I asked myself this… “What, besides lightsabers, am I extremely happy do not exist.”

5. Ceti Eels – From Ceti Alpha 5, or was it 6?

No one likes a mind controlling brain parasite, and I venture to believe that Ceti Eels from Star Trek II – Wrath of Khan are the worst. They burrow through your ear into your brain, and eat all the stemmy mushy goodness available, not before you perform any order your master bids you.


Anything good about them?

Yes, actually. Lets say you have an unruly younger sister and you want her to stop playing Jonas brothers and painting your dog’s toenails. You just hold her down, drop a worm in her ear and PRESTO, she takes all of you orders… until the worm matures and she dies. But until then…

If they did exist, how would I get rid of them?
For this section I will defer to a blog I found regarding the removal of mind controlling brain parasites:  Get rid of your mind controlling brain parasites

4. The Rabbit – From Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail

I still believe that this is one of the funniest scenes in movie history; a tiny, cute, furry rabbit completely RAVAGES fully armed knights by decapitating them. Hilarious… but… would I want such a creature to actually exist? No.


Anything good about them?

I really cant think of anything. I am sure they would find some useful applications in the war against terror. But aside from that, they would completely screw up the food chain. Rabbits eating eagles? Ok… Ya… Exactly.

If they did exist, how would I get rid of them?

The easiest way to depart a man-eating rabbit is by the use of a Holy Hand Grenade. Some other treatments, such as modern poisons, only seem to anger the beasts.

3. “Syncing” -From Avatar

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, I am going to spoil some things for you. Stop reading if you care.

There is something so intimate about pulling out your ponytail, exposing your wavy gross tentacles and connecting it to something else completely foreign. Wait… Intimate? I meant gross. The last thing I would want is my personal ideas being uploaded to the ‘Tree of Collective Thoughts’… Uh… I would be banned from the community almost instantly. I know what you are thinking and YES, apparently the lanky smurf creatures actually use “syncing” to have sex, but that scene was banned from the movie (Banned Avatar Scene article)


Anything good about it?

Sure. You control or a horse, or a gigantic bat thing. Great. Wow. I would rather have a car, and an airplane. At least a car doesn’t understand how I feel emotionally, and the whole community doesn’t realize that it was me who took a dump in his hammock the night before.

If they did exist how would we get rid of them?

Apparently you gotta blow up the big life tree thing. Get a crazy scarred up general to help you.

2. That Heart Ripping Dude from Indian Jones – Temple of Doom

When I first saw this I was a kid, and I had nightmares for weeks. Just the idea of a crazy shaman guy suspending you from a metal cage and tearing your heart out… There is nothing more creepy.


Anything good about it?

Actually, I could imagine some amazing applications in medicine. You can remove a heart with almost ZERO blood loss, perform surgery while it’s still beating and just… Well stick it back in. Other than that, it’s all fucking evil.

If they did exist how would we get rid of them?

Luckily Indy took care of this guy by throwing him off a bridge, but seeing as though he is mortal, I would assume a gunshot would work. You just have to get to him, past his thousands upon thousands of insane heart-hungry followers.

1. Mordor- In General

Mount Doom, Fire, Orcs, and the embodiment of everything evil. In a modern world it would certainly be a place where no one could visit, a breeding ground for brainwashed citizens, a factory for world ending weapons… Wait… This is starting to sound a lot like North Korea but with a gigantic glowing fire eye.. However, I bet Sauron, unlike Kim Jong Il, was not able to get 11 holes in one… Yes… They do claim that. Yes… I do have a link: Kim Jong Il gets 11 Aces


Anything good about it?

Actually, considering it is a constantly erupting volcano, you could probably create a supermassive geothermal power plant on mount doom. I know… it’s a stretch, but what else can come from a hellish desolate area like North Korea, I mean Mordor.

If it did exist, how would you destroy it?

First you need a few more things to actually exist (Hobbits, rings of power, etc…) but once you had those it could be done pretty easily with a helicopter.

Lagoon Featured Model: Mariel Gomsrud

Oh the models keep coming! ahhh! For the love of Seafoam. Oh just kidding. We love you models. This is Mariel, she also has a great site with more of her pictures, as well as, some feature she has been in. Check it out… oh ya… for you guys… she has a TWIN.


You can find more pictures on our facebook
We are going to keep a collection of ALL the models there for your enjoyment; for everyone’s enjoyment.
We will be featuring one model per week until we run out of models… or weeks.
Thank you Mariel for… well just being beautiful… so thank your parents? well no, because it was you who took these pictures. So thank you.

As usual, Thanks to Vanessa Athens @VanessaAthens for putting this together, and to Hansel Tsai for your photography skills.
Check our store for frequently updated merchandise, and if you want the SEAFOAM shirt you can get them from Café Press here: Cafe Press

Do you like us? I mean… REALLY like us? Why not join us on our various social networks, or sign up for our email list on our homepage (no spam, only love… love spam… ahaha just kidding no spam)

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